SC bootstraps the development of parallel languages and machine architectures, in a series of project stages.

  1. Develop a non-graph based, textual language system incorporating an abstract machine environment (interlanguage), for concurrent expression and concise description of many-to-many relationships and DAGs.
  2. Use interlanguage features to provide insight for developing formal, bit-level machine models of parallel computation (α-Ram family).
  3. Use interlanguages and α-Rams to develop a general purpose environment (Space) for parallelism/concurrency.
  4. Use Space and α-Rams to develop specialised and more general purpose parallel architectures (Synchronic Engines).
  5. Using only enough informal logic and set theory to define α-Rams, attempt to recast mathematical structures, including logic and the axioms of set theory, as parallelised computational structures. Both constructive and non-constructive approaches could be pursued. (In contrast with Homotopy Type Theory, which is tied to the sequential λ-calculus, conventional tree syntax based formalisms, and abstracted from machines.)
  6. Further practical and theoretical objectives.

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